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Greyson and Peter Pan

Greyson and Peter Pan Greyson and Peter Pan

Name : Greyson and Peter Pan

Breed : Chihuahua Mix

DOB : 08/10/2016

Gender : Male

Weight : 18 lbs

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Greyson & Peter Pan (black & white) are two brothers who must be adopted together. They’re very attached.

These dogs are very sweet and pretty shy when first meeting new people. They rely on each other for support but do enjoy interacting and playing with people once they get to know them.

As you can see in their photos, they are often found lying in the same bed together.

Unfortunately, Greyson and Peter Pan have been at Briggs for over a year. They weren’t very lucky in their adoptions because they were returned due to allergies.

It’s time for these two to find a permanent, loving home together. We’re not looking for just anyone though. Their adopters need to be committed to these fellas for their lifetimes.

There are also financial costs involved in caring properly for Greyson and Peter Pan by keeping them up on vaccinations, flea and tick preventative, monthly heartworm preventative and other normal costs . If the costs to care for these two pups together are not something your budget can handle, please don’t look at them because we want them to stay together!

Please view Greyson’s and Peter Pan’s recent “Homeless Hearts” video by clicking here!