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George George

Name : George

Breed : Domestic Short-Hair

DOB : 11/01/2013

Gender : Male

Weight : 10.12 lbs

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George wants to have a chat.

He will talk about most anything you want and he’s a great listener.

And, if you have some of his favorite treats he loves to dominate the conversation.

His adorable meows, purrs and chirps will have you wondering where he has been all your life.

When it comes to affection George is a teddy bear.

He adores you even on the days where you may not feel all that adorable.

George is a laid back fellow but still has some play time in those paws of his.

But, truly, he only has eyes for you.  Well, maybe he has eyes for those treats too!

Some of these qualities come with age, but we suspect George was pretty spectacular from the start.

This grey haired guy would love to be the center of your world and also your lap!

So, fill out that application today because George has been waiting for you.


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