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Francie Francie

Name : Francie

Breed : Spaniel Mix

DOB : 08/16/2021

Gender : Female

Weight : 30.3 lbs

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Francie doesn’t need anything fancy.

Just have a good heart, patience, and lots of love for her!

Of course this pooch wouldn’t mind being pampered if you want a furry queen for your castle too.

Francie had a “home” but she was pretty much left on her own until her owners finally gave her up.

Thankfully, she made her way to us and now she is ready to start life 2.0 with you!

This happy girl is a ball of energy and may need a little basic obedience training which she lacked at the start.

It is all good natured fun with Francie and she loves to play.

She will need a securely fenced yard or a secure harness for walking as she is a bit anxious in a new space.

Taking time for shared hobbies with Francie will help build a bond and also work through that nervous energy.

She has nothing but good intentions for her future and she hopes you want to be a part of it!

So let’s get this gal the life she deserves.  Just fill out that application today!