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Ernie Ernie

Name : Ernie

Breed : Domestic Short-Hair

DOB : 08/01/2018

Gender : Male

Weight : 7.13 lbs

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Say hello to Ernie!

He and his brother Bert were abandoned at Briggs when they were just about a year old.

We thought (and they did too) that they found their forever family when they were adopted a little while later.

Unfortunately, Ernie and Bert are searching again for their forever home by no fault of their own.

They can be a little shy at first which is understandable after all the changes and let downs they have been through.

We are hoping that potential adopters will make visits and spend time getting to know them.

They look very similar until you look at their feet,  You see Ernie is Polydactyl (extra digits on his paws). 

This just means more adorable “toe beans” to love! 

We hope that they will be given patience and love while adjusting to their new home(s).

These handsome brothers deserve a true forever home where they can finally trust that they won’t be discarded again.

While they don’t need to be adopted together they certainly can be if you are looking for siblings.

If you think you have the right stuff for Ernie, Bert or both of these handsome brothers please fill out an application today!