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Denali Denali

Name : Denali

Breed : Australian Shepherd Mix

DOB : 10/06/2021

Gender : Male

Weight : 39.4 lbs

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Ready to go the distance with Denali?

Sometimes life doesn’t start out so great for puppies.

They can be neglected, abused, abandoned and never shown the love they deserve.

Such was the case with these Alaskan named siblings Denali, Yukon, Storm, and Tundra. 

We don’t know their entire story prior to coming to the BAAC and we wish they could tell us.

But, it is plain to see this family missed out on pretty much everything they needed and deserved in their first months of life.

We had been slowly introducing them to the notion that humans can be trusted and what it means to be cared for.

And, we saw a little progress with them, but it was clear to see that they needed a little extra help.

So, with the assistance of a local training facility the brothers embarked on a board and train adventure which lasted a few weeks.

Denali’s progress in that short amount of time has been amazing.

He can now walk on a leash and is learning the commands heel and sit (with minimal distractions).

Denali relaxes a little more when on walks with his brothers and other more outgoing dogs.

We can also see a bit more of his personality shine through with just a little increase in his confidence.

We are continuing to reinforce what these siblings have learned and are helping to keep them socialized by meeting new friends.

Now, what these brothers need most is to be in the right home and out of the stressful kennel environment.

These siblings show their happy personalities the most when they are in the company of other confident and compatible dogs. 

Therefore we would like for them to go to a home where they can have a canine buddy to help them continue to build confidence.

It will also be important to have a yard with a secure 6 ft fence as you learn to safely walk them on leash. 

The home environment should be stable, consistent and without small children. *Please keep in mind the future plans of your family in this decision.

Potential adopters should have a calm, gentle nature and be able to read dog behavior so as to not push past their boundaries.

We want you to work with them at their pace and comfort level in order to give them the most chance at success.

Positivity in training, attitude and life in general will go a long way to helping these siblings reach their full potential.

You can help to form a bond by continuing to positively reinforce their current basic obedience skills and also build on them. 

Australian Shepherds need a mix of activities that engage their bodies and minds in order to stay content.

We know it is a lot to ask, but we also know you are out there waiting to change the life of one of these siblings.

You don’t know it yet, but when you commit to one of these pups your life will forever be changed for the better too.

They will forever be grateful and so will we.


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