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Cletus Cletus

Name : Cletus

Breed : Hound Mix

DOB : 07/01/2011

Gender : Male

Weight : 64.5 lbs

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Cletus is one of our “Special Needs” dogs who will need an owner with dog handling experience to help him.

He came to us as a Stray and was very malnourished and underweight.

Cletus can act protective of his food bowl, treats and his personal space by growling and baring his teeth at times.

This is very likely due to his lack of food and comfort during the beginning of his life.

He needs a special adopter who has worked with protective dog issues before and feels confident in training such dogs.

Cletus is not for the first-time dog owner.

He can be very loving and sweet to those that gain his trust.

Cletus loves to run “zoomies” in the play yards to have fun.

He loves walking on a leash and checking out all the scents along the path you travel.

Cletus knows some basic commands and just needs the right home and owner to help him progress.