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Cleo Cleo

Name : Cleo

Breed : Great Pyrenees Mix

DOB : 02/14/2019

Gender : Female

Weight : 33.8 lbs

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Cleo is a sweet and gentle soon to be giant

She is a Great Pyrenees Mix (and we do stress “Mix”).

We were told that one of Cleo’s parents was a Great Pyrenees but we have no clue as to the the breed of her other parent.

Her coat is not that of a Great Pyrenees, nor is her build.

But, much like the description of her breed she is gentle and affectionate.

We recently introduced her to one of our adoptable kittens and she covered the kitten in kisses!

Cleo has learned a couple of commands but sometimes the puppy energy gets the better of her.

Cleo loves to play and also get lots of lovin’ from her caretakers here.

She has an easy going disposition and seems eager to please.