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Cherokee Cherokee

Name : Cherokee

Breed : Australian Shepherd

DOB : 12/01/2016

Gender : Male

Weight : 51 lbs

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Cherokee has the most hopeful eyes.

He loves to get butt scratches and his tiny tail wiggles and wags in anticipation.

Cherokee uses his paws like human hands reaching out to get your attention and reassurance.

He likes to play with toys but not if they have squeakers because they catch him off guard.

Cherokee is becoming more outgoing with each day here and is just an all around good boy.

He might enjoy a shared activity to help build his confidence slowly and also build a bond with you.

A quieter home would likely benefit Cherokee as he becomes more comfortable.

Cherokee was one of 32 dogs in an Australian Shepherd breeding facility in Mississippi.

When the breeder went out of business she abandoned several dogs including Cherokee.

We are told he did well with other dogs in his foster home.

He may benefit from having another more confident dog in his new home.

Cherokee has seen a lot in his short life, but despite it all he still wants to trust and love again.

Do you want to shower this sweet boy with lots love and a forever home?

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