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Charlie Charlie

Name : Charlie

Breed : Shih Tzu Mix

DOB : 08/23/2017

Gender : Female

Weight : 14.2 lbs

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Charlie is an adorable girl

She was an owner surrender and we think she may have been crated for much of her life.

Charlie does not do well with kids and so at this time we will not adopt her into a home where children may be present.

In her previous home she was sometimes protective of her space especially on the couch.

This behavior falls under “resource guarding” and it requires an owner to take certain steps to help curb the behavior in a positive manner.

Unfortunately, her prior owners did not properly address this behavior and so it may still be an issue.

We would like potential adopters to have experience in handing dogs that resource guard or be willing to learn the proper way to modify this behavior.

Charlie can also be fearful of men but she is coming around with some of her trusted male caregivers here.

With her favorite caregivers Charlie is an absolute lovebug. She adores being petted by them and her tail never stops wagging.

Charlie may require several visits to get to know you as she has been through a lot and needs time to trust new things and people.

Charlie sometimes has a little weakness in her hind legs perhaps from spending so much time in her crate.

She gets around pretty well however especially on harder surfaces.

Charlie would adore a quiet home with patient caregivers who can show her all the love she deserves.

She has a lot of potential and a big heart.  Now all she needs is the right adopter(s) to help her along the way.