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Bart Bart

Name : Bart

Breed : Border Collie Mix: Border Collie Mix

DOB : 08/01/2018

Gender : Male

Weight : 33 lbs

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Bart is an adorable and entertaining boy

He loves to play with just about any toy he can find and is amusing to watch.

Bart loves to pounce on his toys once he catches them and can be quite silly.

He loves to play fetch though he is still working on the “bringing it back” part.

Bart will run “zoomies” in the play yards and always seems to be happy.

He loves his human caregivers and adores attention.

Bart will need some obedience and potty training but he seems eager to please.

He is still young and will need your help to graduate the puppy stage.

But, this sweet boy has a lot going for him and would make some lucky forever family very happy.