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Name : Banner

Breed : Border Collie Mix: Border Collie Mix

DOB : 08/01/2014

Gender : Male

Weight : 68.6 lbs

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Banner is an active and playful fellow

He is a Border Collie mix and does exhibit the typical behaviors of the breed.

Border collies and their mixes require a lot of mental and physical stimulation to keep them content. Lack of stimulation in the form of an activity or job can lead to unwanted behaviors.

Banner may not be suitable for homes with small children as he will tend to try to herd the little ones as they run and play due to his breed instincts.

Banner is very friendly with all of his caretakers here and loves attention.

He can be very toy obsessed and will play until he tells you he is done.  We are still waiting for him to tell us he is done.

Banner would do well in an active home where he can receive plenty of exercise and attention.

He would likely benefit greatly from a shared activity such as agility training, frisbee (he is an amazingly accurate catcher), herding trials, rally events, etc.

We are told that Banner was housebroken in his prior home but we cannot guarantee it.

It’s important that when he first arrives at your home, you take him outside frequently (and praise him when he relieves himself) to establish a routine for him in his new place.

Banner knows many commands, tricks and even the hand signals for them!

He enjoys car rides, boat rides, and loves to snuggle.

We hope that Banner will find a home with a forever family who understands his needs and can provide him with the love and care he so deserves.


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