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Baloo Baloo

Name : Baloo

Breed : American Staffordshire Terrier Mix

DOB : 05/24/2021

Gender : Male

Weight : 53.9 lbs

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Get up and go, go, go with Baloo!

He is the doggie version of an energy drink and he hasn’t quite figured out that he isn’t a Chihuahua.

Baloo’s boundless energy is contagious and so his happy personality.

He and his little friend Mowgli were found abandoned, so we don’t know much about their life before Briggs.

But, in the short time we’ve known them they have both become favorites of our staff.

Much like their size they do have some differences in personality.

Baloo is that instant best friend type of fellow. Once he meets you, he loves you.

He is learning to channel his energy and become one with the command “sit.”

With his high level of intelligence Baloo would likely do well with basic obedience training and more.

Daily exercise and playtime before training may help to get some of those “ya ya’s” out so he can focus.

Just be sure to keep all training positive and follow up with tasty treats, because this boy loves treats!

An active home without small children would be best for this sweet guy. (As Baloo is still learning his size)

We know his high energy family is out there looking to get up and go with Baloo.

So, fill out an application today because this guy has places to be and memories to make with you!


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