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Avis Avis

Name : Avis

Breed : Bulldog Mix

DOB : 08/01/2012

Gender : Female

Weight : 56.6 lbs

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Avis loves people!

They are by far her most favorite thing in the world.

She also loves car rides, treats and long naps with lots of snoring involved!

With as generous as she is with people, she is not so fond of other dogs.

We’ve seen her be comfortable with some dogs, but we think she prefers to be the one and only.

Avis was in a prior home for 6 months, but while being walked she was able to break away due to a loose fitting harness to go after another dog.

For this reason, Avis will do best in a home with a securely fenced yard.

This gal may have a little grey on the muzzle, but boy is she strong!

We know just how amazing Avis is and we wish everyone else could see it too.

She is our unofficial mascot for our NHES Humane Education programs in local schools.

Where Avis is a favorite with the kids and seems to enjoy her role as a furry ambassador.

Avis is a loyal companion with her loved ones and will give them kisses in return for attention, ear rubs and belly rubs!

We know you are out there and that Avis is meant to be your forever dog.

So find your way to this sweet girl today!


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