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April April

Name : April

Breed : Terrier Mix

DOB : 10/06/2019

Gender : Female

Weight : 25.5 lbs

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April is a fool for you!

We just can’t say enough good things about April.

She seizes each day with happiness and never lets an opportunity pass her by.

Like for instance an unlatched door or unsecured fence which she will escape with a giddy grin on her face.

She adores making a game out of “catch me if you can” afterward too!

April must enjoy being chased for a change when most of the time she is the one with the prey drive.

Speaking of that prey drive… Cats are not a good fit for April, but a compatible dog may be possible.

April loves just about any toy she can find and especially creating a “blizzard” out of stuffed toys.

But, hey maybe that is just because she loves a good snowstorm in the living room.

April can’t wait to explore her new territory with long walks on leash with you by her side.

Just keep a good hold on the handle in case that occasional crazy squirrel dashes by!

As for people, they are simply her most treasured thing in the world.

Once she gets to know you it is a love fest of leaning in for hugs and scratches.

She tends to be more comfortable around females and peaceful male personalities.

Small children may prove to be a little to much for her even with her high energy level.

We cannot wait for April to meet her match in you! We just can’t figure out why you are taking so long.

She’s not fooling you when she says she wants to be your forever dog.  So fill out that application today!


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