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Andy Andy

Name : Andy

Breed : Terrier Mix

DOB : 02/25/2021

Gender : Male

Weight : 7.14 lbs

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Hey there, I’m Andy!

Me and my siblings Alvin, Andrew and Allie are the talk of the town because, well, we’re adorable!

We all like running around and playing together sharing whatever toy is available.

After playtime we love to curl up in a big puppy pile and nap.

Our Mom April is pretty amazing too. So if you are looking for a sweet Momma dog be sure to come see her.

Puppies like me can be a lot of time and energy but we give you lots of love in return.

I am ready to learn all the things you want to teach me and I cannot wait to be your pal in all of your activities.

So hurry up and fill out that application because I can’t wait to meet you!