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Abigail Abigail

Name : Abigail

Breed : Catahoula Hound Mix

DOB : 06/01/2019

Gender : Female

Weight : 49.3 lbs

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Abigail would love to meet you.

In fact, she would like to meet you a few times just to be sure.

You see, the Abigail behind the glass of the kennel door is very different from the girl you get once she knows you.

Kennel environments can be stressful and Abigail like many dogs gets a little anxious in it.

What we have learned after getting to know her for awhile is that she is one sweet and smart girl.

Abigail enjoys being active and loves to play.

Don’t get us wrong, Abigail also enjoys downtime and lots of affection from you too!

She is especially fond of walks on leash where she can check out all the latest sniffs and her “p-mail”.

Homes where she can have a great balance of mental and physical exercise would be ideal.

Shared hobbies can be a great way to build Abigail’s confidence while also building a strong bond between you.

We can’t wait for you to discover the hidden gem behind the kennel door.

And, Abigail can’t wait to show you the real her.

So, head on over to the application page and start filling out that form because Abigail is waiting for you!


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