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Abby Abby

Name : Abby

Breed : Domestic Short-Hair

DOB : 08/05/2018

Gender : Female

Weight : 12.3 lbs

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Abby the underdog, er, cat.

A sweet girl who is misunderstood in so many ways.

Bullied by other cats and longing for a home where she can be your one and only.

When Abby first arrived she used to leap into your arms for a hug.

She still longs for that love from her favorite humans, but she tends to keep to herself in the cattery.

Her grumpiness is actually anxiety and it appears when she gets nervous about being moved from her safe places.

We cannot wait for the day that someone gives her a chance for her to shine in a home of her own.

That is really all she needs….you and a chance!

We know you are out there. A kindred spirit for a kindred kitty.


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