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The Briggs Animal Adoption Center (BAAC), located 64 miles west of Washington D.C., near Charles Town, West Virginia is one of the finest animal care facilities in the country.

Focus on Animals- which offers a library of videotapes for people with a reverence for life. For more information on Focus on Animals, call: 304-725-0506 or email

The NHES, BAAC and PPAS rely solely on charitable contributions to achieve their missions and do not receive any financial assistance from local, state, or federal governments.

The BAAC became operational in October 2000, and provides Comprehensive Adoption Services for cats and dogs, which consist of animal rescue; veterinary medical care—including mandatory spay/neuter before adoption; microchipping; socialization/rehabilitation; and delivery of all dogs to their new homes.




The Peace Plantation Animal Sanctuary (PPAS), BAAC's sister organization, is a private, nonprofit animal welfare organization located in Walton, New York. Its central mission is to provide lifelong sanctuary and adoption services for homeless animals—primarily cats and kittens, a few resident dogs and a small number of farm animals.

Although separately incorporated, the PPAS is affiliated with, and also operates under the auspices of The National Humane Education Society. Both the BAAC and the PPAS receive the larger share of their operating funds from the NHES to carry out their program services.

To read more about the Peace Plantation Animal Sanctuary visit our NHES website by clicking: here:



Anna C. Briggs founded The National Humane Education Society (NHES), a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization, in 1948. The mission of the NHES is to foster a sentiment of kindness to animals in children and adults. Visit the NHES website at:

Through its affiliates and programs, the NHES provides humane education, rescue and relief assistance for animals and screened adoption services. The NHES also provides educational presentations to all ages and information services to supporters as well as the general public.

In addition to being the primary funding source for the BAAC and the PPAS, the NHES also operates the following programs:


Spay Today

Spay Today- which offers low-cost spay and neuter certificates to individuals in certain areas of Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Spay Today can be contacted at: (304) 728-8330 or via email to Spay Today.

The BAAC has a humane holding capacity for an approximate 170 animals (70 dogs and 100 cats.)

Since becoming operational in October 2000, through June 30, 2013, the BAAC, in conjunction with the NHES Comprehensive Adoption Services Program, has placed over 5,200 companion animals in loving lifelong homes.

Please help us continue our humane efforts on behalf of animals by sending a contribution today to BAAC, P.O. Box 1023, Charles Town, WV 25414-1023 or Click here to read our donation page.

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