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Please Note: **To receive the reduced prices, information and payment must be submitted to Spay Today before the day of surgery in order to receive the needed Spay Today Voucher. Without our Spay Today Voucher, you will be charged full price by the veterinary hospital.

Berryville Avenue Veterinary Clinic
Winchester, VA


Spay Today

P.O. Box 340
Charles Town, WV 25414-1023
(304) 728-8330

Information needed:


Your name: _______________________________


Address: _________________________________


City/State/Zip: _____________________________


Home phone #: ____________________________


Work phone # _____________________________




Pet’s name: _______________________________


Weight (dog only): __________________________


*Rabies & Distemper vaccinations are required with spay/neuter procedure unless current rabies certificate and proof of vaccinations are provided at time of surgery. 


**Important Notice--Add $4.00 Administration Fee to the total amount of procedure(s) and write check to Spay Today.


Then submit information and payment to Spay Today in order to receive Spay Today Voucher to take to the hospital on day of surgery.


Prices for Berryville Avenue Veterinary Clinic

370 Battle Avenue

Winchester, VA 22601; Telephone: 540-722-2665




Pain Medication (required for all surgeries)


Female Spay



Male Neuter



Rabies Vaccine
$16.50 each


Distemper (4 in 1 vac)
$28.00 each


In-House Fecal Test



Feline Leukemia/Combo Test


Feline Leukemia Vaccinations
$26.00 each



Pain Medication (required for all surgeries)


Female Spay: In Heat/Pregnant/Obese Extra Charges Will Apply

0-20 lbs.



21-40 lbs.



41-60 lbs.



60+ lbs.


Male Neuter:


0-20 lbs.



21-40 lbs.



41-60 lbs.



61+ lbs.


Rabies Vaccine
$16.50 each


Distemper (5 in 1 vaccination)
$25.00 each


Heartworm/Lyme/Ehrlichia/Anaplasmosis 4DX Combo Test


In-House Fecal Test


Bordatella Kennel Cough Vaccination
$19.50 each


Lyme Vaccination
$27.00 each








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