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Name: Hughie
Breed: Australian Shepherd
DOB: 05/01/2012
Gender: Male
Weight: 45
Information: Handsome is what you can say about Hughie.Hughie's coat is absolutely beautiful. It's a golden tan and white and is soft as can be.Hughie is sweet and friendly with strangers. He does tend to jump up to greet you but it is pretty gentle.Since Hughie is of the Australian Shepherd breed, he will have a tendency to "herd". That can be with animals or young children.So be aware with children under 10, if they're running and playing in the yard, Hughie may decide to run with them and keep them in order. It's an instinct these dogs have so if you haven't had this type of dog, you'll want to read more on this breed.We've found that Hughie likes to tear up his blankets in his room. This can be due to both boredom and to the fact that he's young and needs to chew on things. So you will need to put any good chewable items out of his reach!
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