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Name: Lottie
Breed: Sheltie Mix
DOB: 11/01/2008
Gender: Female
Weight: 34
Information: Lottie is this beauty's name.She is the mother of several other Sheltie mixes we received and adopted out. Lottie is a special needs' dog because she never received socialization when she was younger. She was tied out in a rural area and as such, is afraid of most normal noises associated with a house and the public.Lottie was adopted into a home for about 5 months but had to be returned because she remained so fearful. She would try to bolt out the front door quite often. If Lottie did stay with her human companions watching TV, as soon as one of them stood up, Lottie would run out of the room. She also had some house training issues due to her confusion in the home. We were told that she would go into a crate fine and not try to dig out of it, however.So when you take on Lottie, that is what you're dealing with. Please don't assume that she will suddenly relax and never be afraid. Unfortunately, due to the lack of socialization, she may always be this way except around the people in the family that she learns to love and trust.

Lottie needs a home with preferably no males-just females. She also needs a high fenced yard so that she can't escape and run off.If you have experience with extremely fearful dogs and are willing to provide a safe home for Lottie for the rest of her life, please come meet her.
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