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Marley Marley

Name : Marley

Breed : Rottweiler Mix

DOB : 3/1/2007

Gender : Male

Weight : 63 lbs

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Marley is a cutie and quite a happy boy with people he bonds with.Marley can be a bit stubborn at times. He listens very well with someone who doesn’t let him get away with certain things that he wants to do.Marley is not good with cats. He has lunged at cats, as well as some little dogs. Due to the fact that he can be a little challenging with small animals, we don’t feel comfortable adopting him into a home with children.Marley can also be somewhat finicky with men. One minute he’s fine with them and the next minute, he tries to challenge them. However, we do have some male kennel attendants at the BAAC and he’s great around them.We do feel that Marley would do wonderfully with someone who has experience with challenging dogs and has possibly done some dog training. With the BAAC obedience trainer, he shows respect for her and loves to give her kisses. Once in a home with someone he loves, trusts and respects, he should make a wonderful, loyal companion.