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Carl Carl

Name : Carl

Breed :

DOB : 05/01/2011

Gender : Male

Weight : 12 lbs

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Carl primarily is a happy-go-lucky, friendly dog who is active and playful.

We’ve recently found that he can be protective of his area around his food and bedding though. Regrettably, this little guy also has a significant heart murmur that was detected by our veterinarian upon his health examination.

At this point, our vet indicates that Carl doesn’t show any physically-ill effects from his heart murmur. He is very energetic and doesn’t appear to have any issues. However, we want to let any potential adopters know of Carl’s heart murmur and we can’t give any guarantees as to his life span, unfortunately.

Our veterinarian suggests that, if inclined, Carl’s new adopter(s) may want to take Carl to a veterinary cardiologist who can do further testing if the adopter(s) prefer to know more. This cost of testing and further exams could potentially run into the high hundreds or more, depending on what the cardiologist recommends.

As a non-profit, we do not have the monetary resources to cover such costs, especially when Carl isn’t showing any problems from his heart murmur. This will be something that Carl’s adopter(s) may choose to do, or not do on their own as Carl’s owners.

We wish for a long and happy life for Carl who deserves to have a loving, permanent home for the rest of his life and hope someone is out there willing to give him that.